Happy Birthday, Haddon!

Six years ago today I became a dad. In celebration of my son’s birthday, I thought I would share the story of his arrival. I have actually posted this story before on former blog site that I used to have. However, I thought it was time to put in on the world wide web again. Here’s the story that I had previously written about Haddon’s arrival:

As I sat in the front of the church serving the Lord’s Supper, I was constantly checking my phone for updates from home. My wife, Aimee, had opted to skip the Good Friday service because her contractions were becoming more intense and consistent.

Looking back now, it was all so symbolic of what we were remembering and celebrating that weekend. My wife was experiencing pain just as Christ had experienced pain that ultimately led to life (I’m certainly not comparing labor pains to the pains of death that Christ bore on the cross. I’m just saying it was symbolic.)

Skipping the long arduous part of the story from Friday and Saturday, it’s now Easter Sunday (Easter fell late on the calendar that year). After getting very little sleep overnight in the hospital, we were awakened by the changing of shifts between nurses. The words “How ‘bout we get a baby today?” were what we had been waiting two days to hear.

Before the nurses could finish the morning preparations, they had to rush out. One nurse told us that a young lady was being flown in because she was having seizures. She told us that because of the seizures, her baby’s heartbeat could not be found.

As the nurse left, Aimee and I began to pray for the upcoming events of the day. Along with prayers for ourselves, we prayed for the young lady and her baby who were being flown in. When the nurse came back in we asked her if she would relay the message that we had been praying for the seizing mother and child. The nurse politely obliged but responded, “The baby didn’t make it. They are headed to surgery to remove the baby so the mother has a chance.” Again, as the nurse left, Aimee and I began to pray for this family that we didn't  even know.

About fifteen minutes later our nurse returned with a stunned look on her face. She said, “You’re not going to believe this, but when that lady made it into surgery, the baby’s heartbeat started again! The baby and the mom are in critical condition but they are going to make it!” It was all we could do to keep from weeping. It was as if God was saying that Easter Sunday morning, “Today we celebrate LIFE! Only I give it.”

Later, even with family and medical staff in room with us, Aimee and I joined in worship with our home church via its webcast. People may have thought we were crazy as we sang aloud with our church: “You are stronger! You are stronger! Sin is broken, you have saved me. It is written: Christ is risen. Jesus, You are Lord of all.”  Whether they liked it or not, the halls of the medical center’s labor and delivery floor echoed with the praises of Christ the King.

A few hours later, one of the most miraculous things I have ever witnessed happened. At 3:06 pm, Haddon Patrick Trawick entered the world. At a stunning 9lbs 1oz and 21¼” long, he was beautiful (I am undeniably bias).

That night we recalled the events of the day: We heard about a baby who was declared dead being delivered and now living. We saw a church we love filled with the people celebrating God’s life-giving power. We now held in our arms the child we had prayed so hard for in the months and years before. Words could not and still cannot describe all God did that day. We were left able to say nothing more than…What an Easter!

Happy Birthday, Haddon!

Our family at Haddon's 6th birthday party over the weekend. From left to right, Hudson (2), Aimee, Patrick, and Haddon (6).

Our family at Haddon's 6th birthday party over the weekend. From left to right, Hudson (2), Aimee, Patrick, and Haddon (6).