Patrick's Picks - Week 5

Well, here we are at week 5 of this crazy thing called College Football. Five weeks ago, who would've thought we'd be where we are now? Who would've thought that Louisville would be so strong? Who would've thought that LSU would have a different coach? I personally thought Auburn might only have one win at this point. Nevertheless, it's all part of the excitement! Last week I went 10-4 (Now 49-19 on the season). There are some really tough games to pick this week. Here we go!

Week 5

  • Arizona   at   UCLA     -     UCLA
  • Arizona State   at   USC     -     USC
  • Arkansas   vs   Alcorn State     -     Arkansas
  • Auburn   vs   Louisiana Monroe     -     Auburn
  • Florida   vs   Vanderbilt     -     Florida
  • Kansas   vs   Texas Tech     -     Texas Tech
  • Kentucky   at   Alabama     -      Alabama
  • Louisville   at   Clemson*     -     Clemson   *College Gameday location.
  • Miami   at   Georgia Tech     -     Miami
  • Missouri   at   LSU     -     LSU
  • Navy   at   Air Force     -     Air Force
  • North Carolina   at   Florida State     -     Florida State
  • Oklahoma   at   TCU     -     Oklahoma
  • Ole Miss   vs   Memphis     -     Ole Miss
  • Tennessee   at   Georgia*     -     Tennessee   *SEC Nation location.
  • Texas A&M   at   South Carolina     -     Texas A&M
  • Texas   at   Oklahoma State     -     Texas
  • Wisconsin   at   Michigan     -     Michigan