Patrick's Picks - Week 4

Now things really start to get fun. Hardcore conference play, more Top 25 match-ups, and tougher games for everyone. Last week I went 13-6 (39-15 on the season). Let's see how it goes this week!

Week 4

  • Alabama   vs   Kent State     -     Alabama
  • Arkansas   vs   Texas A&M     -     Arkansas   Game being played at AT&T Stadium.
  • Auburn   vs   LSU*     -     Auburn     *SEC Nation location. 
  • Clemson   at   Georgia Tech     -     Clemson
  • Florida   at   Tennessee*     -     Tennessee   *College Gameday location.
  • Georgia   at   Ole Miss     -     Ole Miss
  • Mississippi State   at   Massachusetts     -     Mississippi State
  • Nebraska   at   Northwestern     -     Nebraska
  • Oklahoma State   at   Baylor     -     Oklahoma State**
  • South Carolina   at   Kentucky     -     Kentucky**
  • Stanford   at   UCLA     -     Stanford
  • USC   at   Utah     -     USC**
  • Vanderbilt   at     Western Kentucky     -     Vanderbilt
  • Wisconsin   at   Michigan State     -     Michigan State

**These three games were the hardest for me to pick this week. Some intangibles are kinda stuck to these games that make me think these guys could win.