Patrick's Picks - Week 1

As promised in February when I launched this site, it is now share in the joy of the football season that is! Stop by each Thursday and check out my picks for the weekend. A few disclaimers about my picks this fall:

  1. I will never pick against Auburn. Ever. Period. I'm bias. Get over it. War Eagle!
  2. I will always pick SEC games regardless of their opponents. Again, I'm bias. Get over it.
  3. Beyond that, I'll pick other games I think are high profile and/or exciting.
  4. I'll only pick winners and losers, no points or spread predictions.
  5. Some picks might come with a small commentary, others will solely be the picks themselves.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let's have some fun and get to pickin'!

Week 1

  • South Carolina   at   Vanderbilt   -   South Carolina
  • Kansas State   at   Stanford   -   Stanford
  • Alabama   vs   USC   -    Alabama     As much as I hate to make this pick, they're good. And I'm already using my irrational pick on another game this week.
  • Appalachian State   at   Tennessee*   -    Tennessee     *SEC Nation location.
  • Clemson   at   Auburn   -   Auburn     Hey, David slayed Goliath right?
  • Georgia   at   North Carolina   -   Georgia
  • Louisiana Tech   at   Arkansas   -   Arkansas
  • LSU   at   Wisconsin*   -   LSU     *College Gameday location.
  • Massachusetts   at   Florida   -   Florida
  • Missouri   at   West Virginia   -   West Virginia     This was a hard game to pick. Should be a good one.
  • Notre Dame   vs   Texas   -   Texas   This was my upset pick. Not because of my disdain for ND, I actually think Texas is going give them a run for their money and upset them.
  • Oklahoma   vs   Houston   -   Oklahoma
  • South Alabama   at   Mississippi State   -   Mississippi State
  • Southern Mississippi   at   Kentucky   -   Kentucky
  • UCLA   at   Texas A&M*   -   UCLA     *SEC Nation location.
  • Western Carolina   at   East Carolina   -   Western Carolina     Another emotional pick here. But I can't pull against the Catamounts!
  • Ole Miss   vs   Florida State   -   Ole Miss

Enjoy your opening football weekend! See you at church on Sunday (regardless of how late your stay up watching football)!