Patrick's Picks - Week 6

Ok, 5 weeks into the season and here's where I am with picks: 65-21 for the season (16-2 last week). If you're counting, that just a little bit above a 75% winning average. The game I'm probably most proud of last week was Clemson-Louisville. Clemson proved what I thought: tough to beat at home in that game. But now things continue to heat up for the SEC and other rivalry match-ups. Here we go for Week 6:

  • Alabama   at   Arkansas     -     Alabama
  • Auburn   at   Mississippi State     -     Auburn
  • Colorado   at   USC     -     USC
  • Florida State   at   Miami     -     Miami
  • Georgia   at   South Carolina     -     Georgia
  • LSU   at   Florida*     -     Florida   *SEC Nation location.
  • SMU   at   Tulsa     -     Tulsa
  • Tennessee   at   Texas A&M*     -     Texas A&M   *College Gameday location.
  • Texas Tech   at   Kansas State     -     Texas Tech
  • Texas   vs   Oklahoma*     -     Oklahoma   *Red River Rivalry at the Cotton Bowl (neutral site)
  • Vanderbilt   at   Kentucky     -     Kentucky
  • Virginia Tech   at   North Carolina     -     North Carolina
  • Washington   at   Oregon     -     Washington