Patrick's Picks - Week 9

Wow, last week was crazy. I honestly don't know what's reality right now in the SEC West other than Alabama is really good. Even as a fan I didn't think Auburn was that good. On the other hand, I thought Arkansas was really good. So with Auburn's blowout over Arkansas, now I don't know whether to think that Arkansas really wasn't that good all along, OR that Auburn really is getting pretty good as the season goes on. I guess we'll know more after Auburn and Ole Miss play this week. On another SEC note, Coach O has LSU looking pretty good. Outside of the SEC, Ohio State. That's really all I need to say about that. So last week's picks were decent but not great: 7-4 (Now 91-30 on the season). We're picking a lot more games this week. So here go!

Week 9

  • Arizona State   at   Oregon     -     Oregon
  • Auburn   at   Ole Miss     -     Auburn
  • Baylor   at   Texas     -     Baylor
  • California   at   USC     -     USC
  • Clemson   at   Florida State     -     Clemson
  • Duke   at   Georgia Tech     -     Georgia Tech
  • Florida   vs   Georgia*^     -     Florida   *SEC Nation location.   ^Neutral site
  • Kentucky   at   Missouri     -     Kentucky
  • Miami   at   Notre Dame     -     Notre Dame
  • Michigan   at   Michigan State     -     Michigan
  • Mississippi State   vs   Samford     -     Mississippi State
  • Nebraska   at   Wisconsin     -     Wisconsin
  • Stanford   at   Arizona     -     Stanford
  • Tennessee   at   South Carolina     -     Tennessee
  • Texas A&M   vs   New Mexico State     -     Texas A&M
  • Texas Tech   at   TCU     -     TCU
  • Virginia Tech   at   Pittsburgh     -     irginia Tech
  • Washington   at   Utah*     -     Washington   *College Gameday location.
  • West Virginia   at   Oklahoma State     -     West Virginia