Patrick's Picks - Week 8

Ok, so I'm currently on the heels of a two-week, four-state, (I haven't counted the miles yet) travel schedule that included a lot of meetings, sermon preparation, and daddy duties. So this is the first time I haven't posted on Thursday to include those games. Last week I was 10-2 (Now 84-26 on the season). We're getting in the short rows of college football season now. Here we go for week 8!

Week 8

  • Auburn   vs   Arkansas     -     Auburn
  • Mississippi State   at   Kentucky*     -     Kentucky   *SEC Nation location.
  • Ohio State   at   Penn State     -     Ohio State
  • Oklahoma   at   Texas Tech     -     Oklahoma
  • Ole Miss   at   LSU     -     Ole Miss
  • Stanford   vs   Colorado     -     Stanford
  • TCU   at   West Virginia     -     West Virginia
  • Texas A&M   at   Alabama*     -     Alabama   *College Gameday location.
  • Texas   at   Kansas State     -     Texas
  • Vanderbilt   vs   Tennessee State     -     Vanderbilt
  • Wisconsin   at   Iowa     -     Wisconsin