Patrick's Picks - Week 7

Well, I posted a 9-3 record last week (Now 74-24 on the season). Most of those games I lost were pretty close with the exception of Virginia Tech vs North Carolina. One point of clarity: LSU vs Florida didn't make it into the win/loss record this week because obviously they didn't play. I had originally picked LSU. However, if they play again (which I believe they SHOULD play again), I will pick again based on how each team is playing at the time.

Now on to this week...these are some really, really, really hard games to pick - maybe the hardest week yet. Here we go:

Week 7

  • Alabama   at   Tennessee*     -     Alabama   *SEC Nation location.
  • Arizona State   at   Colorado     -     Colorado
  • Kansas State   at   Oklahoma     -     Oklahoma
  • LSU   vs   Southern Mississippi     -     LSU
  • Mississippi State   at   BYU     -     BYU 
  • Missouri   at   Florida     -     Florida
  • North Carolina   at   Miami     -     Miami
  • Ohio State   at   Wisconsin*     -     Ohio State   *College Gameday location.
  • Ole Miss   at   Arkansas     -     Arkansas
  • Stanford   at   Notre Dame     -     Stanford
  • Vanderbilt   at   Georgia     -     Georgia
  • West Virginia   at   Texas Tech     -     West Virginia