What You're Going to Find on patricktrawick.com

Welcome to patricktrawick.com! I'm really excited to launch this website. As you might have read on the homepage, I'm launching this site to share things that are a little too long for social media. I'm not promising to blog every single week, but I am going to be using the blog for sharing information, ideas, and opinions. Here are a few of the things you're going to find on the blog:

  • Devotional Thoughts - I have been journaling consistently well over 10 years now. Over time I have cataloged some of the things God has shown me that might be an encouragement to others. So I hope to encourage you by sharing some of these thoughts.
  • Family Adventures - Recently someone gave us a picture that said "The Great Adventures of Haddon and Hudson." Having two boys is definitely an adventure! So from time to time I'm gonna share stories of "adventures" we have as a family.
  • Leadership Research - I'm currently pursuing a doctorate degree in the area of leadership. I plan to share some of my findings in hopes that it can encourage and challenge leaders the way it has encouraged and challenged me.
  • Multi-Site Matters - As campus pastor of multi-site church, I've experienced launching the campus I serve as well as walking alongside other campus launches at Biltmore. What I've discovered is that the multi-site church model is something that is ever-changing and never "one-size-fits-all." I've also discovered that there is still relatively little information about multi-site ministries. So I'll share some of the things that have worked for me and Biltmore as well as some things that haven't worked so well.
  • Flying Adventures - Sometimes I still can't believe that the FAA gave me a license to fly small aircraft! As a private pilot I love reading stories from other pilots sharing their aviation experiences. So, I'm probably going to share some piloting stories as they happen.
  • Cooking Stuff - I love to cook, grill, and barbecue. I'm a struggling amateur at best at these things. But stay tuned, I might share some stuff about these things from time to time.
  • Patrick's Picks - When the most wonderful time of the year rolls around (Fall - because Fall means College Football!), I'll share my picks for the weekend.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you'll visit often.